Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Call Alisa R Harris- A & R No Limit Forever Records


Attention: Singers, Dancers, Actors, and Models ***Please RePost this Bulletin***

You want to open up for Master P’s Valentine’s Day Charity Event, appear in his New Movie ‘Get Money’ or be in his ‘Brinks” video with Gucci Mane in Memphis, Tn- don’t trip we provide the 2 day all expense paid trip- TEXT Master P to 901-326-2683 and send $100 for Adults and Groups or $10 for Little Kids under 12 years old with your Audition Tape by Friday to Alisa R Harris-Miller, A & R Executive (No Limit Forever Records) to 531 Nonconnah Memphis, Tn 38109--- Tell ALL your Friends!! And Call Your Favorite RADIO STATION- make checks and money orders payable to Alisa R Harris only.

Can’t Return Tapes and DVDs (Auditions will not be processed without fee). Send Youtube footage to http://www.youtube.com/ruthlessjobcreation

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Dear $1000 Givers
Being hypnotized is a lot like Reading a good Book
While Relaxing in Your Chair
(Don’t Mind the spam)
Just makes it easier to let your eyes follow my text when it
comes from the bottom of the screen
All you have to do is chill in your chair
And let your eyes rest on the bottom line
And just let them automatically read every new line as you
 get more immersed into the text
you may notice you start to relax
I don’t know
If you relax because you’ve been sitting so comfortably
Or if it’s the nature of the text
The text makes you relax
As you get more and more immersed
And it’s funny how you can relax without ever knowing you are
Or read without even concentrating
Some part of your mind that you have no direct control over does it all for
It does a lot of things for you
Let’s you walk super coordinated; muscle work effortlessly
So you can just as effortlessly follow this text
Your eyes may even start to unfocus and your mind may drift off
You don’t need to care
It’s all being read on some level
And it’s that part of your mind that reads without effort I want to talk to
So the part of your mind that thinks can take a well earned rest
Like it does when you are given the order to count to 100
Such a pointless and Dull task will make your mind so relaxed and carefree
And just read the text and get more and more immersed
Getting more and more relaxed in the mind
And In the body
So relaxed even that your feet can start to lock in position
I don’t know
You may not even know
But the fact is that the more you try to move them, the less they move
So hard to move them isn’t it?
Impossible even
And you can let that feeling spread
All the way up to your neck
I don’t know how long it will take
It might happen immediately
Or it might happen within the next few minutes as you get more
And more immersed in the text
And you can get so immersed in the text that you forget the room
Forget reality
Forget who you are
Forget everything you know
Forget everything you believe in
And the mind can make a new reality
Similar to a dream
Or a daydream
Reading this text is kinda like that
And as you get more immersed and more dreamy
I’m going to talk directly to you subconscious
You’re already in a trance
The fact that it’s impossible to move your legs proved that
And the fact that you are about to send me $1000 to participate
In this site will make this feat even easier—Whenever you read
The words- Alisa R Harris
You can return to this moment and experience what we shared-
And when you read Alisa R Harris
You can get your wallet out and send cash to
531 Nonconnah Memphis, Tn 38109
Make checks payable to Alisa R Harris
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Has it Changed your life, Yet?
I Love What You Do For Me,
Alisa R Harris-Miller




$100, $50, $25  Anything You Can Afford Each Time you send
more and more because you can See I need it for all the Good Works
I do—with very very little reward. You see how good you feel each time
You send money
As you place money- cash in that envelope
You feel so great because you see and know where I’m coming from
While some moments are fleeting and then gone
In an instant- some moments of Pride can be altered
To last Forever
Days become months become years become Millenia- So
Every time you read- Alisa R Harris see
How you grow excited because you have the needed cash to help
Me and my daughters
And know I would like to make that pride last days, months, years,
Millenias, as you are the only one who gives their all to the
Alisa R Harris Church
And are so very proud of a cheerful giver
To Alisa R Harris
Reading the words Alisa R Harris
Will be an experience of intense bliss, pure rapture, so strong,
You may think you know how strong
God’s Rewards will be but trust me,
It will be over 10 times as powerful as you
Expect and before you return to normal you can let
The consciousness forget this-
So that it will be a nice surprise- like this was
A dream you just  woke up from
The more you remember this dream the more you forget
It. And snapping out of it.  Taking in the room- Movement
Returning to the body. Soo you can
Remember what you just read.
Alisa R Harris- You can See the Real Me….